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Why Skib

Why Skib

Why rent ski equipment with SKIB?

The latest models are always available, high quality ski equipment, competitive prices

To try out the latest ski models available on the market before buying them, to start snowboarding and decide if it is the sport for you or because you would rather not buy ski or snowboard equipment yet for your child, renting is the best solution for you!

Choosing SKIB for your ski and snowboard rental allows you to reserve your equipment from home or from your mobile phone, to book it online and pick it up without waiting in line in one of the over 160 affiliated shops located in 138 ski resorts in Italy, France and Switzerland. You won't have to worry about carrying extra baggage during your trip with SKIB!

SKIB offers 4 categories of skis and snowboards, -Economy, Medium, Pro, Top- each suited to a specific technical level to guarantee the best performance. You can also rent adjustable high boots andhelmets that meet quality and safety requirements requested by regulations.

On SKIB, find ski and snowboard equipment for the whole family, making your rental even more convenient and functional!

When you pick up your equipment in the shop, you will find that it will always be ready and in an impeccable condition, clean and sanitised after each use, inspected with the most modern machinery by a trained and competent staff.

The online SKIB reservation also guarantees 20% to 50% discounts on all the skiing equipment!

5 reasons to book online with SKIB

  • Book your ski or snowboard equipment online and avoid waiting lines in the shop
  • You will always find the latest ski and snowboard models available on the market
  • You can also rent boots and helmets
  • The equipment is available for different technical levels as well as for children
  • Reserve your skiing equipment with 20% to 50% discounts

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