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Quality and Security

Quality and Security

SKIB guarantees quality ski and snowboard equipment that is hygienic and safe

Expert technicians prepare your skiing equipment with great care on a daily basis

Quality equipment is vital for a secure and enjoyable ski. SKIB offers only technical material from the best brands available on the market. High technology and renewed every year to guarantee availability of the latest ski and snowboard models.

You can choose 4 levels of expertise for skis and snowboards on SKIB:Economy, Medium, Pro, Top. There is also Junior equipment available (for children between 110 and 140 cm) and Baby (for children up to 110 cm). This is why choosing the equipment in line with ones technical preparation is very important for safety reasons.

In addition, our technical material responds to the most recent standardsto always guarantee a safe and pleasant ski run.

Always for your safety, our expert skimen inspect ski and snowboard attachments, foils and insoles after every ride. All of the equipment for rent online on undergoes regular maintenance based on snow conditions and kept in very good condition in the affiliated shops.

Our helmets are stable, comfortable and secure, in compliance with the Uni En 1077 technical regulation. Please note that children under 14 years of age must wear a helmet while on the slopes.

After each use, skis and snowboards are thoroughly cleaned to remove any remaining snow and are waxed. Insoles and foils are always made ready for every new use by experienced professionals, to ensure smoothness and grip of the equipment.

Boots and helmets are sanitised after each use with high-tech antibacterial hypoallergenic machinery and products to ensure an excellent cleaning and deep sanitation.

By booking online with SKIB, you will always find your ski equipment as new and prepared daily for you.

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