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Surrounded by the Alps, Piedmont is one of the Italian regions with the highest rate of visitors during the winter months. Mountains cover about 43% of the territory, where you can ski on some of the highest peaks of Europe.

Piedmont is the perfect destination for a ski vacation: for lovers of winter sports there is downhill ski, skiing, snowboarding and many other activities on the slopes, which in 2006 hosted the Olympic Winter Games. The ski resorts are among the best equipped ones in Europe and for those who do not have the proper equipment you can book in advance skis, boots and all you will need by using the online rental service Skib, the portal able to make your holiday a relaxing and convenient one.

The most popular locations for winter sports in Piedmont

The Alpine resorts of Piedmont are many and very popular. The Olympic sites, which in 2006 hosted the Winter Games, are certainly among the most popular ones: Bardonecchia, the realm of snowboarding, Pragelato, a locationsloved by all cross-country ski enthusiasts, Chiomonte and Sestriere, ideal destinations for downhill skiing. There are also many other renowned resorts: Macugnaga, Limone Piemonte, Claviere and Prali. Whatever the chosen destination for a day on the snow or for a skiing holiday, the rental is an option that more and more people choose due to its practicality. Renting the equipment online is also faster and more convenient, with services like Skib, which allow you to choose everything you need in a few clicks and then pick the equipment up directly on the slopes.

Piedmont: landscapes, gastronomy and sports

The Alps surrounding Piedmont offer all year round breathtaking views and particularly attractive during the winter season. The region becomes a favorite destination not only for skiers and snowboarders, but also for lovers of the mountains. With the time saved by renting your own equipment on Skib, you can indulge in relaxing and dining experiences, choosing among the various Piedmont towns. It will be possible, after a day of sport, to taste the different types of cheeses, cold meats, sweets and local wines, in the enchanting atmosphere of high altitudes.