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The SKIB SAGL company hereinafter referred to as the “Company” guarantees on this website, hereinafter referred to as the “Website”, the booking, hereinafter referred to as the “Booking” by users who visit the Website, hereinafter referred to as the “Client”, for rental of ski equipment, hereinafter referred to as the “Rent” at the shops which are members of the network, hereinafter referred to as the “Rental Shop”, the list of which appears on the Website. The Company receives the reservation from each customer on the website in the name and on behalf of Rental Shops, without therefore establishing a direct contractual relationship with the Customer. The SKIB SAGL company is a company with limited liability with the tax code, VAT number and registration number in the register of companies of Lugano CHE- 473.080770, with registered office at Via Pobiette 11, 6928, Manno, Switzerland, fully paid share capital of CHF 20.000,00 .

These Rental Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “CGN”) are prepared by the Company in the name and on behalf of the Rental Shops, in order to regulate the contractual relationship between them and the Customer.
The confirmation of a Booking by the customer on our Website constitutes acceptance of the same by the total and integral of CGN. The CGN can be changed over time by the Company. In case of changes will be applied to the Booking conditions published at the time when the Customer has confirmed its order in accordance with the procedures described herein.


The Customer declares to be at least 18 years old and have the ability to contract on the Internet. The Company reserves the right to refuse a Booking in the event of failure by the Customer or previous, however, disputes of the same, as well as the level of bookings where the Customer is abnormally high.


The proposed ski equipment for a Booking is described on our Website, stating that proposals are only certain categories of material and not a particular model. The general characteristics of each of the proposed categories and numerous examples of material corresponding to these categories are included on the Website. The customer then selects and books a material category. Examples of material are given for information purposes only and have no contractual value.


The Rental price of the, hereinafter referred to as “Price”, the subject of the Reservation is only as indicated on the Website at the time of Booking and is calculated according to the following parameters: a) the category of material Booked by the Customer; b) period chosen for hire ; c) date of Booking .
The reservation on the website gives the right to conditions of advantages for the Customer and , in particular, to a discount on the price displayed to the public in stores, at least 20 % of the Price itself. Higher percentages of discount will only be those indicated on the Website at the time of Booking . With regards to the period of hire, the Customer acknowledges that the same is located, in the procedure of Booking in days. If the Reservation is related to more weeks , then the discount is determined in proportion to the weeks that make up the period of hire. The reduction , determined and reported to the customer on the website according to the options selected by the Customer, which will be the only authentic subject matter. Further reductions will result from operating codes limited to a few Rental Shops or to certain types of Customers, always and solely on the basis of the information included on the Website.
Without prejudice to the provisions on the criteria for determining the Price and the Discount based on the parameters above, the Customer is aware that the rental rates, discounts and reductions contained in this Website are specific to each individual Rental Shop.
Prices quoted are inclusive of taxes and activation fees practice.
Prices and conditions of discounts and rebates are subject to change, provided that the invoice price is determined based on the conditions existing at the time of Booking.
The discounts and rebates offered on the Website cannot be combined with any other promotional offer (good reduction of Committees training , vouchers, etc …) . Any material Reservation that took place directly inside the Rental Shop will be at the cost of public tariff and conditions of renting in the Rental Shop.


The Booking on the Internet can be made up to 1 day before the beginning of the period of hire required.
When a reservation on the Internet is done, the customer initially selects the ski resort and follows the Rental Shop from which intends to rent the equipment, then the category of material that intend to book.
After the selection of the material, the Customer will be required to confirm his Reservation.
The recording and taking charge of the Reservation will be made only with the successful completion of one of the payment methods available, such as provisions of art. 5 of these CGN.
The successful conclusion of this transaction is given only after confirmation from the circuit of online payment referred to in the next step


The Customer shall pay to the Company, as an advance on the agreed price, an amount equal to 30% of the total price of the Booking, hereinafter referred to as “Down Payment”. The Company receives such payment required on behalf of the Charterer Store.
The balance of the rental price, the subject of the Reservation, will be paid by the customer directly to the Rental Shop under the conditions applied by the latter, which may be obtained by contacting the Rental Shop concerned. It’s possible that some stores require full payment of the rental sum payment on line.


The Booking will be registered only after payment of the deposit.
The Down payment is payable on the Internet with PayPal and / or credit card via the secure payment system.
The Customer shall follow the directions of the system. The payment will be deemed made only upon receipt by the Company of the confirmation of the circuit of credit cards. In case of rejection of the circuit itself, the Company reserves the right to cancel the Reservation previously recorded. If necessary, the customer will be informed by e –mail.
Following the receipt of payment of part of the network of credit cards, an e- mail confirming your Reservation will be sent to the Customer by the Company with the information about the booked equipment, hereinafter referred to as the ” Booked Material” the period of hire and booked the rental price, and will also contain the name and particulars of Rental Shop in the name and on behalf of which the contract of hire was entered into.
During the payment transaction, the Customer is automatically connected to the server of the payment circuit. Your credit card information is protected by encryption codes, and are treated by the circuit only for the time necessary to process the transaction. Neither the Company nor the Rental Shop receives, treat or retain in any way the bank details of the Customer, while remaining totally unrelated to the circuit, secured payment.


The Booking is binding for the Customer and the Rental Shop. It is concluded and is effective only upon payment of the Down Payment or full payment of the amount due pursuant to the preceding paragraphs of this CGN, which can be demonstrated by the customer solely by showing the email containing the confirmation of the Booking.
Upon Bookings end, the Rental Shop agrees to rent to the Customer the Reserved Material in the manner set out in the Booking and in these CGN, while the Customer agrees to receive the Booked Material in the same way.


Changes to the Reservation will be made, if related to the type and/or size of the Booked Material, pursuant to section 8-1 below, and, if related to the amount of Booked Material, pursuant to section 8-2 below..
All changes of category and / or size of the Booked Material are the sole responsibility of the Rental Shop to which it is addressed the Reservation by the Customer. For all the changes of this nature, the Customer will then contact directly with the relevant Rental Shop that will itself change request of the Customer. The Rental Shop will accept the request to change the Customer as long as the required product is available in that Shop.
The acceptance of such a change on the part of the Rental Shop concerned will have no effect on the Down Payment paid pursuant to art. 5 of these CGN. The effect on the Rental Price of the acceptance of such a change will be taken into account at the time of payment of the balance of the Rental Price or at the time of withdrawal of the equipment rented by any additional payment.
Deleting an item will be considered a cancellation and will be subject to the conditions provided for by art. 14 of these CGN.
On the Internet, you cannot add an item to a Reservation after it has been registered, so if the Client wishes to book an extra item, you must make another reservation concerning additional item that want to book on our Website.


The withdrawal of the Booked Material (which, once withdrawn from the Customer, is referred to herein as “Rented Material “) must be made at the Rental Shop entered in the Reservation and whose name appears in the e- mail confirmation of the Reservation.
The Booked Material will be delivered only to the person who made the Booking.
To collect the Booked Material, the Customer shall submit to the Rental Shop the e- mail confirming the registration of the Reservation.
The Booked Material may be picked up from 17:30 on a business day prior to the first day of the rental in the e- mail confirmation of the Reservation.
The Shop Transporter will issue a voucher to lease, hereinafter the “Rental Voucher”, with the description of the Booked Material, the date of withdrawal of the material and the intended date of its return. The voucher will be signed by the Customer at the time of removal of the material.
The Customer must provide his identity card or passport. The Rental Shop may request a pre-authorization on your credit card for the amount of the rental price .
Any type of adjustment will be made only by the Rental Shop.
The Rental Shop may also require a deposit from the Customer an amount equal to the selling price including VAT , of the Booked Material. The deposit will be paid in the form of a check or pre-authorized debit. The deposit will be returned to the Customer upon return of the Booked Material, except in the case of damage to the material and the conditions laid down in Article. 12 of these CGN . The Rental Shop has the right to ask two personal documents to the Customer, before accepting a check as a deposit.
In case of delay in the withdrawal of the Booked Material, the Customer is required to notify the Rental Shop. The Rental Shops have an obligation to keep the Booked Material for the Customer via the Internet , up to 10.00 am on the day following the first day of hire in the email which confirms the Reservation. After this period, the Reservation will be made void. The Customer will lose the benefit of his Reservation and the material will be put to hire, and no refund is due the customer .
The Rental takes effect when the Customer picks up the Booked Material, for the time shown on the Rental Voucher; and will automatically terminate on the date and at the time indicated on the voucher to hire .
The Booked Material will be returned at the end of the day on the day of return expected on the Rental Voucher or the next day before 10am . Returning the Booked Material after 10 am on the day following the expected return on the Rental Voucher will make Customer liable to the rental shop one day rental at the rate shown in the aforementioned Shop . The Customer shall be liable to the Rental Shop of the same store as many additional days will be the days of delay.
The Booked Material must be returned only to the store where it was withdrawn and the Rental Shop during the opening hours of the store . The return of the material will be subject to a special notation on the rental voucher.
The return of Booked Material is mandatory at the end of the period of hire . Failure to return the material will be considered as embezzlement , with the application of the penalties provided for by art. 646 Criminal Code, without the need to send a notice by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt , and without that the Customer is able to invoke any impediment.


As the Company carries out the Booking on the Website in the name and on behalf of the Rental Shops, it will not be held responsible for any defect in the provision of Booked Material by Rental Shop involved.
In case of force majeure, Rental Shops will not be held responsible for delays in the provision of Booked Material. It will be considered on a case of force majeure, the fact of third parties Customers who have delayed the return of the material under previous hires.
However, in case of inability of Rental Shops to provide the Customer the Booked Material, the Rental Shop will do everything possible to make available to the Customer the material of equal or higher quality, notwithstanding the refund of the amount paid to the customer for the Booked Material.


The Booked Material is intended for use only by people mentioned in the Reservation as users of that material, without any possibility of transfer, sublease or loan, even free of charge.
The Company and the Rental Shop do not assume liability with regards to the suitability of the people mentioned in the Reservation to properly use the Booked Material.
The Customer assumes all responsibility regarding the suitability of the persons mentioned by him in the Reservation, as users of the Booked Material, to be able to properly use the Booked Material for its own account and on behalf of the people mentioned in the Reservation so that these people use the above material in the first person, in accordance with the instructions for use, carefully, without danger to third parties and in accordance with the regulations in force, do not give in, and do not pay. The Customer is free to select the type of material and Rental Reserved and will be considered solely responsible for any lack of adaptation of the material to the specific needs of the people mentioned in the Reservation as a user of this material and any regulation which has not been made by the Rental Shop.
The Booked Material cannot be disposed of or pledged. The Customer undertakes on its own behalf, and on behalf of the people mentioned in the Reservation Reserved utilizing the material, not to permit the establishment of any right, real or otherwise, on the booked material, for the benefit of anyone, is likely to affect the enjoyment or to limit the availability or full ownership of the Rental Shop.


The Customer assumes full responsibility for the Booked Material when he takes possession. He is responsible for safekeeping until the full refund as provided in the provisions of art. 9 of these CGN. The customer will take care of it and will keep it in every circumstance.
At the end of the term of the rental provided on the Rental Voucher, if not returned to the date and time agreed, the Customer will be solely responsible for the material that he has in his possession until his actual refund.
Failure to return the booked material, whatever the reason, will result in billing by the Rental Shop to the Customer of the full value of his Submission, as new to the selling price to the public, in addition to the rental price.
Any reservation on the status of Booked Material must be reported by the Customer at the time of removal of the material to Rental Shop and will be subject to a note on the voucher at the time of signature. In the absence of any complaint at the time of the withdrawal, it will be accepted thereafter.
The booked material, is numbered or marked, and must be returned with the same number and mark. The Customer undertakes to return the booked material clean and in the state it was in at the time of taking possession, unless deterioration due to normal wear and tear or a defect not apparent that they alone caused the deterioration of the material, provided that each relevant burden of proof is borne by the Customer.
The Customer is responsible for any damages sustained by the Booked Material, whatever its cause. By virtue of this responsibility, the payment will be due by the Customer to rental shop, at the option of the latter, the cost of repair of the said material or the complete replacement of the Material. Repairs will be carried out in each case exclusively by the rental shop or shop personnel identified by it, to the exclusion of any right of the Customer to take action to repair. In the event that the repaired material should prove to be technically or economically feasible, the material will certainly be replaced. In any case, the refund due to the Customer will be contained within the upper limit of the replacement value of the material in new condition, equal to the selling price to the public of the same material . Any refund given under this Article, shall be payable by the Customer, in addition to the price of the rental. The Customer agrees to pay such reimbursement at the time of the surrender of Chartered material, if necessary, by charges on the security provided for in art. 9 of these CGN.
As the Company is limited to receiving the booking on the website in the name and on behalf of the Rental Shops, the Company cannot be held responsible nor, therefore, be held liable for any defect or lack of quality of the material made available by the Customer by the Rental Shop.


Some Rental Shops offer a warranty against any damage, loss or theft of the Booked Material. This warranty, the terms and rates are set freely by each Rental Shop and published by these shops, it can be taken out directly from the Rental Shop at the time of the withdrawal of Booked Material.



The customer has the right to cancel within 7 working days from the date of confirmation of the reservation. If the period for withdrawal falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a not working weekday, the deadline is extended to the first working day. The taking over of the Booked Material, if it occurred before the completion of the period of 7 days as indicated above, will apply to all effects a waiver of the exercise of the right of withdrawal, except as provided for in section 14-4. Any cancellation must be made on- line, within the said period, in “Customer Account” section of this website, and follow the instructions therein.
With the receipt of the cancellation notice, duly sent in the form indicated above, the parties shall be released from their respective obligations under the reservation. The repayment of the deposit will be made in the name and on the account of the Rental Shop, by the Company, within a maximum period of 30 days from the date of receipt of the withdrawal.


For every cancellation of Rental requested by the Customer before the removal of Booked Material and beyond the statutory period of withdrawal, the entirety of the deposit will be deducted by the Company by way of a pledge of repentance.


In case of illness or accident of the Customer who uses the booked material (or any person for whom the material was Rented ) during the period of hire expected, the Rental remains in force and the amount will be fully charged, except different agreements with the renter.


In the event of a total closure of the ski slopes normally accessible from the rental shop, it is not the responsibility of the renter himself, the days of rental related to this closure cannot be refunded unless otherwise agreed with the renter.


The personal data of the Customer and of the people mentioned by him are strictly necessary for the Booking treatment. The Company undertakes to treat and protect the data on the conditions laid down in section “security-privacy” of this Website, in accordance with current legislation.


The Company grants you a limited license to access and use the site for personal use of the Customer. Under no circumstances shall this license give the Customer the right to download or modify all or part of the Website without the prior consent of the Company.
This license does not allow any other use, especially commercial, of the Website or its contents (for information: products, prices, descriptions, data, software, graphics, images, photographs …).
The entirety of the elements of this Website, whether audible or visual, including the technology used, remain the property of the Company and are protected by copyright and the protection of industrial property.

Article 17: COMPLAINTS

All claims relating to the Rental are the sole responsibility of the Rental Shop identified in the order indicated in the confirmation of Booking and taking charge of the Booking itself, which remains the sole counterparty to the Customer.