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Praz de Lys is a French town located in Faucigny, specifically, in Haute-Savoie. Thousands of tourists are attracted to it annually from all over France and its neighbouring countries, thanks to its wide-ranging selection of tracks and modern hotels.

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Sports at High Altitudes

Praz de Lys is part of the Praz de Lys/ Sommand ski area, which has features 50km of slopes suitable for skiers of with all levels of experience, from beginners to experts.
The station is located at the highest point at 200 metres, 500 metres above the valley. It is served by 24 safe and advanced facilities.
The location of Praz de Lys is enviable: the tracks are constantly beaten by the sun and Mont Blanc mountain range can be admired in all its glory
It is the ideal place to practice high altitude sports with plenty of entertainment, snow and sun.

Praz de Lys: An Enchanting Location

The resort of Praz de Lys is largely composed of wooden chalets and traditional upland farms. The station appears frozen in time, which gives it a magical touch especially between December and late February.
However, the accommodation facilities are state of the art and can accommodate a large number of tourists during high season when winter sports are practised.
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