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Cham Sports Nord Savoy

Address: 432, rue Joseph Vallot 74400 Chamonix
Telephone: +33 (04) 50 53 23 36

In the heart of the Mont Blanc you can find the charm of high altitudes in a fascinating and captivating: Chamonix. While for safety and efficiency at high altitudes you must entrust Skib, the online rental site, for all your mountain equipment

Here you can both ski and snowboard but you can also do many other sports on the snow, like cross-country skiing or paragliding… but with skis on your feet.
For any kind of sport you choose and for any need or adrenalin rush you can turn to Skib, the rental site for high altitude equipment. You can choose your skis, snowboard, helmets and favourite bindings directly on the site and collect them at the Ski Republic Cham Sports Nord shop, located in a great central position in the French town. When you go into this small temple of port you will be sure to be served by experts and professionals and lovers of the mountain.
Rent today and collect your skis without queuing

Skiing in Chamonix

Chamonix is one of the most famous and well-known Alpine locations, so much so that in 2015 it received the title of Alpine city of the year. It is in High Savoy, in the shiny region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. This ski station is just at the foot of the Mont Blanc at about 4810 metres of altitude.
It has a great variety of courses, of every level and provokes a continuous need for an adrenalin rush: for those who love slaloming among the slopes there are many thrilling courses on which to have fun on but also for those who are more fearless and wild, Chamonix will give them courses for their tastes.
The right equipment to face new challenges on the snow is fundamental and for this reason before going on a “white holiday” you must choose safe companions on the Skib website.

The after ski courses in Chamonix

Those who love mountaineering, mountains and high altitudes have always filled the meeting and restoration points of this fascinating French mountain town. Chamonix offers everyone of its visitors the possibility to rent the latest equipment thanks to Skib and to the presence of the high mountain shop “Ski Republic Chamonix Sport Nord” besides first class resorts, restaurants, spas, shops and cafés with a warm and convivial atmosphere.

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