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Leon Sports

Address: Magasin Relais Ski Republic, 14 route des barrages - 73500 AUSSOIS
Telephone: +33 (0)4 79 20 31 67

Ancient forts, ski slopes, pristine natural parks, glaciers to climb, Aussois is waiting for an adventurous holiday.

There is a lot of choice among the beauties of Aussois. Located in the Rhone Alps, French region, this small resort will amaze you with its history and its stunning nature.
In Aussois you can ski on over 55 kilometers of ski runs suitable for everyone, and rent the best equipment at the lowest price directly on Skib, then pick it up on Leon Sports shop, conveniently located next to the slopes.
Rent today and collect your skis without queuing

The forts of Esseillon

Aussois preserves the traces of history and 4 out of 5 forts of Esseillon are on its territory. Fort Marie-Christine, Charles Albert, Carlo Felice and Vittorio Emanuele, constructed between 1819 and 1834 and open to visits with expert guides in the evening, with the lanterns light for a moment of pure beauty.
Aussois is worth a trip. The important thing is to do it with no stress. Skib, the equipment rental service, allows you to indulge in every activity you want without having to carry any weight around with you. Walk freely among the forts, while skis and boots are waiting for you at the Leon Sports shop!

Adventures for the whole family in Aussois

The whole family can have fun and relax in Aussois. Let yourself be captured by the beauty of the Venoise national park with its extraordinary flora and fauna.
There are many activities in contact with nature such as climbing, hiking, glacier hiking, and of course lots of skiing and mountaineering!
Slopes for adults but also for children, beginners, and a chance to have fun at the right price by renting the best ski equipment on Skib, and finding it in the most comfortable place: right next to the slopes, at the Leon Sports shop!

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