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Ski slopes in Risoul

Pop in the City: the travelling event comes to Rosul

It is one of the most innovative and attended events of the past years: Pop in the City, an urban meet-up event for women, is the kind of experience that falls halfway between sports and tourism.

The idea behind Pop in the City is simple: organising a women-only race in cities with strong cultural and historic identities, allowing the participants to discover symbolic and unusual city locations through a set of challenges.

The event has been incredibly successful across cities like Seville, Hamburg, Nice, Marseille, Lyon and Porto. In March 2017, it will reach the high-altitude town of Risoul.

This is a significant departure for an event that usually takes place in historic parts of medium-to-large cities. This year, Pop in the City instead comes to a ski resort that stands at 1859 metres above sea level, renaming itself as Pop in the Mountains.

The full programme will only be available on site the day before the race. Participants will able to pick it up along with their race number, map, event t-shirt and a few other freebies.

The race, divided into 25 challenges, will take place the following day. Each challenge can be completed in around 30 minutes and might include, according to the organisers, “grace, peanut traces, darkness, water, creativity, sexy men and sardines”.

Are you curious yet? There is still time to sign up: Pop in the City will take place on Saturday 11th March 2017, from 9am to 5pm. The cost is between 155 and 169 euros per ticket, and participants must be women aged between 18 and 100.

The stunning location also offers an open invitation to spend a few extra days on the snow, to take a break from the stress of everyday life, or enjoy a weekend full of skiing, snowboarding and hiking across larch forests where time seems to stand still.

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