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If you still haven’t tried the experience of skiing in the Dolomites, enjoy a few days on these peaks: once you’ve admired this beautiful heritage of beauty you can’t help but fall in love!

Considered the most beautiful peaks of Europe, the Dolomites are a destination for snow lovers and enthusiasts: the scenery is what draws so many visitors among these peaks, amazing beauty that has earned the title Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. The long tradition carried on in these territories, for winter sports, plays an important role.
Skiing in the Dolomites is a unique experience of its kind, to treat yourself at least once in your life!

Equipped to accommodate snow lovers

They include the highest peaks and the most beautiful valleys of Trentino, Alto Adige and west Veneto, and furthermore, the Dolomites offer one of the best-equipped and most important ski areas in Europe: the Dolomites Ski.
With one ski pass, you can ski and access the 12 renowned ski areas of the Dolomites: this area includes locations such as Cortina d'Ampezzo, San Martino di Castrozza and the Marmolada.
The best-known ski schools and the most striking ski areas: In the Dolomites, you can have at your disposal 1246 km of slopes for all levels and the possibility to try tracks that have been the World Cup’s stage. However, there is also room for those who like Nordic skiing or other sports at high altitude: all of this is connected by 481 ski systems that every day go up these beautiful mountains to show their glory to both experts and novices.

A unique scene

The natural grandeur, the beauty of the snow-capped peaks and their geological and geomorphological features - unique in the world - have made the Dolomites a perfect place not only for skiing but also, and above all, to satisfy your eyes, thanks to a spectacular landscape.

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