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The Saslong ski track, emotion and history

Saslong ski track, World Cup downhill

Saslong is a champions’ ski track, pure adrenaline for a descent that will surely leave you breathless

Whoever has tried it, agrees: the Saslong ski track is a concentrate of pure emotion. Not only for the great legends of Alpine skiing, but for anyone who has the courage and the will to live a unique experience.

Saslong: the ski track

Set in Valgardena, this ski track starts from Ciampinoi with 2,254 meters and arrives to Santa Cristina in Valgardena at about 1450 meters. There is a drop of about 900 meters and a maximum gradient of almost 60%.
The descent begins at the side of Sasso Lungo, in an area devoid of vegetation. The first part is long and not too difficult. Then there’s the part immersed in the green of the coniferous forest, more technical, narrow and challenging, full of walls, such as the Sochers ones, with thrilling slopes, which reveal the wonderful views of Valgardena.
Some of the most spectacular points are certainly Salto del Moro, the three Camel Humps, from which you can come out at a speed that can reach 120 kilometers per hour, and the four consecutive turns in Prati di Ciaslat, for a total length of about 3446 meters.

Saslong ski track: its story and its champions

The Saslong ski track was born in 1968 as a racing track for the world championships in 1970. Since then, it hosts a race of the World Cup alpine skiing.
Since 2007, on this important track, it also takes place a super-G race.
Many champions have triumphed on the Saslong, among all, worth of remembering the great Swiss Bernhard Russi, who won in 1970 and '72, Peter Müller, winner in 1978 and '80, the Austrian Franz Klammer, in '75 and ‘76, and the Italian Kristian Ghedina, winner in '96, '98, '99 and 2001.
The race recently performed, saw the victory of the Norwegian Aksel Lund Svindal on 19 December 2015, who also triumphed in the supergiant, played the day before.

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