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Winter in Madonna di Campiglio

3-Tre Madonna di Campiglio: the oldest World Cup Skiing competition in Italy

3TRE is the name of one of the most famous ski pistes in the world, located in Madonna di Campiglio, a well-known and popular resort in Trentino Alto Adige, but it is also and above all one of the most renowned international competitions among lovers of alpine skiing.

3TRE was established in 1950, making it the oldest World Cup Skiing competition in Italy today. Over the years champions from all nationalities have competed here, regularly reaching extremely important records in the so-called "white circuit".

Its name originates in the fact that the eponymous piste was the setting for 3 fundamental skiing disciplines: free descent, slalom and giant. The torturous track, with wide curves spaced out in S-shapes, was perfect for hosting all of the specialities, thanks also to a maximum incline of 60%.Today, on the other hand, the piste hosts night-time slalom, a spectacular event that, for a few days, turns the resort of Madonna di Campiglio into the beating heart of Italian skiing.

A few months ago the 3TRE competition was confirmed by the Alpine Skiing Committee, during the FIS congress in Mexico, until 2018. The dates have already been set: 22nd December for 2017 and 2018, 8th January for 2019 and 2020. The Madonna di Campiglio competition is one of the few that has been confirmed so far in advance, and this shows the enormous fascination exerted by the 3TRE piste even at an international level. Furthermore, in its last year this competition has drawn a good 17,000 spectators to the place, without counting the extremely strong television participation, which has rendered the night-time slalom on the well-known piste the most watched in the world.

Tickets for participating in the event, which also boasts a highly exciting off-piste programme, will only be available for purchase 15 days before the competition and it is possible to choose between the zones with the highest visibility in the Canal Miramonti to best enjoy the show.

But be aware: if you intend to spend the weekend of the competition in Madonna di Campiglio, make sure that you book well in advance, as there is a high chance that you will find all accommodation fully booked otherwise.

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