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Ski resort of Flumserberg, Switzerland

The ski slopes of Flumbserberg

Flumserberg is a renowned mountain tourist resort in east Switzerland that, during the summer months, becomes one of the most visited destinations by those who love the mountains, skiing and snowboarding.

The town, overlooking Lake Walem, sits within a truly enchanting natural setting, which allows you to admire the peaks of the Churfirsten and which apparently inspired, at the end of the 1800s, the stories of Heidi from writer Johanna Spyri.

This skiing district is located across a varying altitude of between 1220 and 2222 metres, and grants access to a ski-area consisting of a good 65km of slopes, covered in natural snow or, when necessary, covered with artificial snow thanks to a state-of-the-art system.

The trails are divided according to difficulty. There are:

-Four black slopes. Ideal for expert and technical skiers, who love putting themselves to the test on especially challenging slopes that start at the peak of the Leist, at over 2200 metres.

-Fourteen red slopes. Suitable for downhill skiers who already know all of the tricks for tackling difficult trails and who are not afraid of speed.

-Seven blue slopes. Suitable for amateur skiers and snowboarders who are not especially technical but are able to safely traverse fairly steep trails.

-School field. At Flumserberg there are no green slopes for beginners, but there is a school field serviced by four ski-lifts, the Tannenboden, the Schwammkopf, the Madilis and the Mittenwald. For those who want to try out their first descents, or those who do not yet feel ready to tackle the more challenging red slopes.

Lovers of Nordic skiing can also find an ideal destination in Flumserberg, thanks to 20km of trails that allow you to explore this enchanting Swiss landscape.

Furthermore, for snowboarders and freestyle skiers, there is a small snowpark with a half-pipe, where it is possible to experiment with every type of jump and trick.

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