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Skiers on the courses of the Swiss Alps

The best skiing circuits in Switzerland

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Matteo Corradi
Oct 12, 2016

Switzerland is a country that offers many opportunities for winter sports. Hundreds of districts host some of the best ski runs in Europe and are the perfect place to organise a splendid holiday in the snow with friends or with all the family.

Trying to rank the best ski runs in Switzerland is not simple at all: from Zermatt to Zurich passing through places on the border with France and Germany, the Alpine stations are very famous and offer circuits that can satisfy the needs of every kind of skier.

The unmissable ski runs

Because the wide range of choices makes it hard to make a list of the best ski runs in Switzerland, there are at least three that are worthy of facing at least once in a lifetime. This is where you can find them:
1-Matterhorn-Glacier Paradise. This circuit hosts the longest ski run in Europe. It starts from the Piccolo Cervino at 3886 metres and, after a series of bends and breath taking views, arrives to the town of Zermatt, one of the winter resorts par excellence.
2-Films-Laax-Falera. In this area dedicated to winter sports on snow you will be able to discover 235 kilometres of circuits with every level of difficulty. The slope that you absolutely cannot miss is the one of the Vorab Glacier: a 14 kilometre red run that alternates very difficult tracts to simple ones and well-trodden areas to ones dedicated exclusively to free-ride skiing.
3-Wengen. In the Berna Canton you will be able to grapple with a long, difficult and demanding run: the Lauberhorn run is in fact one of the most feared during the Ski World Cup. A fast and strenuous slope that has a maximum incline of 72% and that lets professionals reach a speed of 160km/h which means ending it in about two minutes and a half.

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