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A skier using a snowscoot

Snowscoot: where and how to practice it

Although the concept came about in 1990 and now has 27 years of life behind it, Snowscoot is still relatively unheard of in most parts of Europe.

Snowscoot is the brainchild of Franck Petoud, a BMXer and snowboarder who, finding himself in the midst of a snowstorm in Switzerland, decided to cut off the board of his snowboard and fix it to the chassis of his funscoot.

So what exactly is it all about? The Snowscoot descends on the typical ski or off-piste slopes using unique equipment consisting of 2 pieces of a snowboard and a handlebar, similar to that of a bicycle, made of steel or aluminum.
To practice this sport you don’t even need special footwear, since you aren’t directly attached to the boards on which your feet are placed: the only connection is a simple safety tie.

There are two variants of this contraption: a rigid one that allows speeds up to 100km/h but which is more demanding to handle, and cushioned, much easier and more versatile version with which you can reach a discreet level of familiarity even in one day.

This is a very exciting discipline whose practice can only be understood as a hobby, but these days there are also some important international freestyle, free descent, slalom, border cross, downhill and freeride races.

The price of the equipment is not cheap: a Snowscoot costs on average between €550-2500; a figure that needs to be adhered to for safety and protection.

But where should you start practicing it? Areas of Switzerland are, in this sense, the most avant-garde. In particular, we point out Livigno, where a half-day lesson with equipment costs about €150.

Val Thorens, in the French department of Savoie, also has a good diffusion of this sport, as is the case in Italy, specifically the Aosta Valley.

Therefore, there’s no need to worry that you’ll find the place that best suits your needs to experience this "new" and incredible discipline!

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