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Hut on the Swiss Alps

The best mountain huts for summer 2017

During the summer the mountain resorts are the perfect destination for those who wish to walk and devote themselves to trekking, enjoying the fresh air and incredible panoramas.

Furthermore, during this period, a great many of the most renowned trails among lovers of the mountains can be followed to a mountain hut, whether as a halfway stop or a final destination. Here, you can refresh yourself, savour a lunch or dinner with the specialities of the place, and stay the night.

Here is a list of the 3 best mountain huts to discover during summer 2017.

-Capanna del Corno di Gries. This hut is located in Switzerland, in the Canton of Ticino – and more specifically in the Valle del Corno (Valley of the Horn). Reaching it will lead you to an altitude of 2,338 metres (from 2,002 metres at the departure point) and from this altitude it is then possible to venture even higher, up to the Blinnerhorn, at 3,347 metres. The Capanna del Corno has a typical mushroom shape and boasts 70 beds, wood-burning stove heating, but illumination is produced by solar panels.

-Neue Monte Rosa Hutte. A hut situated in Switzerland, near to the renowned resort of Zermatt and, more specifically, on the Gornergrat glacier, at 2,883 metres. This is a fairly modern facility, capable of hosting 120 people across 5 floors, and is very advanced: it is the product of a professor at Zurich Polytechnic and a group of students, and boasts 90% self-sufficiency. This is possible thanks to the materials used during its construction, including photovoltaic panels and batteries that allow for the conservation of excess energy. Reaching the Neue Monte Rosa Hutte entails a 5 hour walk from Zermatt and an overnight stay costs 45 Swiss Francs; but once you reach the top, the view of Monte Rosa, the Gornergrat and the Cervino more than make up for the effort.

-Zamboni Motta Hut. This facility is located in Piedmont, in the municipality of Macugnaga and is therefore at the feet of Monte Rosa, at an altitude of 2,070 metres. During the summer season it is especially valued as a departure point for walks and trails of all levels: indeed, from here it is possible to reach Pizzo Bianco, at 3,215 metres, but also Punta Tre Amici, at 3,620 metres, and Punta Grober, at 4,554 metres. A welcoming hut that offers 36 beds and home cooking with local specialities, as well as the possibility of an overnight stay with half-board at 45 euros per night.

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