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Chastelets ski track, night skiing!

Chastelets ski track, descends under the stars

Near St. Moritz, there is this fun ski track that gives thrilling and exceptional night views: it is number 10, the famous Chastelets Ski Track, highly recommended for the fans.

We are in the Upper Engadine Valley, in the area of Corvatsch - Furtschellas, places that you can surely define as magical and enchanted.
The passion for the mountains is combined with that for pure beauty, between exciting lakes and spectacular scenery, there is one of the best organized and equipped ski areas, also rich in events and forefront reception facilities.
Here, in March, there is the FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup.

The Chastelets ski track: a nigh-time masterpiece

The ski track no.10, Chastelets, is a track that starts from the mountain of Murtèl at 2,702 meters and goes down with a drop of about 600 meters.
The main feature of this ski track is that it is completely illuminated, thus giving us the opportunity to indulge in exciting night descents!
With its more than 4 kilometers, the Chastelets is considered the longest night ski track in Switzerland.
It’s a ski track classified as red, which also stands out for the extraordinary view and its northern position makes it always full of compact and powdery snow.
A wide ski track, without trees, which allows a smooth descent and lots of fun, especially at night, with the stars as a frame to the white snow.

The Chastelets track: the Snow Night

Snow Night is now highly suggested for fans: every Friday night it is possible to experience a night of skiing, stars and music on the Chastelets track. In December and January, you can ski until 1.00am and from February until early April until 2.00am. And at the end of the descent you can dance in a famous club of the ski area.
From Monday to Thursday you can also "book" the ski track at night for a truly unique experience!

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