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The best ski tracks for beginners in Switzerland

Approaching winter sports, especially skiing and snowboarding, is a journey that requires a few important steps.

Firstly, it is fundamental that you have an actual interest in these sports: motivation is one of the main driving forces for beginners.
Secondly, you must rely on experts to help you take your first sliding steps on the snow: DIY is definitely not recommended, as it often leads to accidents and a desire to never try the sport again.
Finally, the place where you will put your skis or snowboard on for the first time is also very important.

This last point could seem less relevant than the first two; however, beginners often ignore that even if all mountain resorts have baby ski lifts (which are suitable for children and also for adult beginners), not all of them are equipped with a proper range of tracks designed specifically to encourage winter sport beginners.

Beginner tracks, more specifically, are usually marked with the colour green. They are characterised by gentle slopes and lengths, and are serviced by ski lifts or chairlifts that both children and adults will find easy to get on and off of.

One of the places with the best ski tracks for beginners is Switzerland. Here are a few examples:

-Bettermeralp (Canton Vallese). It is a favourite destination for those who want to learn how to ski or snowboard. There are 26 easy tracks, and the surrounding area cannot be reached by car: a true ski paradise.

-Arosa (Canton Grigioni). Its facilities include 25km of green tracks, which are perfect to learn and experiment on.

-Zermatt (Canton Vallese). This place has recently been named Best Resort Ski 2016. The achievement is no doubt due to the presence of 26 easy tracks, which are suitable for families and beginners alike.

-Davos (Canton Grigioni). A mountain resort that boasts 17 easy, 54 intermediate and 16 hard tracks. The ideal spot to learn how to ski and improve your technique.

Each of these ski destinations also offer excellent accommodation and a large range of services, including ski, boot and snow equipment rentals, and numerous facilities to relax and enjoy your free time.

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