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The Stelvio ski track, the pearl of Bormio

The Stelvio ski track, descends for real champions

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Matteo Corradi
Feb 26, 2016

The Stelvio ski track: a unique and spectacular ski track, a breathtaking descent for world champions which offers strong emotions.

It’s been nominated as the Scale of winter sports. A highly technical ski track where you can indulge in spectacular descents, among jumps, curves and walls of snow.
The Stelvio ski track is in Bormio, Valtellina. From the town you can reach the beginning of the track, located at 2,255 meters thanks to a cable car and two chairlifts, the Bormio or the Fontana Longa.
The track has a total length of 3186 meters and goes up to 1268 meters with a total gap of almost 1,000 meters. The maximum gradient is 63% ... a real challenge!

the Stelvio ski track and the world championships

The Stelvio ski track was traced for the Alpine Ski World Championships in 1985, championships played here also in 2005.
Since 1993, the downhill races for the men's World Cup are held here. On this ski track we’ve seen the triumph of champions like the American Bode Miller in 2007 or the Italian Christof Innerhofer in 2008.
The Stelvio ski track has also hosted various competitions of Slalom, Giant Slalom and Super G. Without a doubt, it is a descent for great champions, won by Alberto Tomba in 1995, who was named the Giant in the final World Cup.

Stelvio: the ski track

A ski track, the Stelvio, which puts a strain on physical endurance, perhaps the main difficulty of this spectacular route.
It starts with a wall and two curves that will throw you in the double jump of the Rocca. From here, you get speedily get to Canalino Santorelli, 300 meters long.
And here we are in Fontana Lunga, after a flat terrain and a series of curves.
Still fast curves that lead you into one of the most difficult and technical points, the Carcentina cross, a diagonal with an icy end.
You slow down to prepare for the Salto di San Pietro, 40 meters that will throw you on a wall where the champions arrive at 140 kilometers per hour!
A flat terrain and then the final full of camber corners, one last jump and there’s the finish line!

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