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Powder slopes in Livigno

Staying safe on fresh snow: the Powder Slopes of Livigno

The excitement that fresh snow can bring to lovers of the mountain is something unique and indescribable.

Nevertheless, the dangers that one can meet when blazing new trails, whether skiing or snowboarding, are numerous; just one of these dangers is the risk of causing avalanches, which, above all during March, is elevated. This happens thanks to raised temperatures, typically during spring, and top layers of wet snow that are loose, and which are deposited on intermediate layers that are naturally more compact. When this happens, off-piste skiing and snowboarding become risky challenges, even if they are adrenaline-filled for some.

How can one remain safe without having to miss out on this experience?

The skiing station of Livigno offers a brilliant and innovative solution: Powder Slopes – Double Black, or slopes dedicated to expert skiers and snowboarders which are checked daily by the local Rescue Team.

These are traditional slopes which, for one or two days, are not tilled to simulate off-piste conditions almost perfectly. These are marked by signs that allow downhill skiers to decide, in their own time and even at the last moment, whether to take up the challenge or avoid the trail.

For those who select a skiing resort based on the possibility of having this kind of experience, Livigno also offers a “Powder Alert” service: inserting one’s personal details and email address allows one to receive newsletters every now and again, which include updates on the meteorological conditions, on the snow loads on the slopes, and on the slopes designated by the area as Powder Slopes.

One must also remember that, despite careful checks by the Rescue Team of the area, it is always mandatory, before venturing onto these descents, to obtain an Avalanche Transceiver, a true piece of safety kit, and not to attempt courses beyond one’s own ability.

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