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Livigno: not only ski!

Livigno: where there’s not only skiing!

Spending a weekend in Livigno is a must-have experience: not only ski slopes in this area at the center of the Alps, but also the opportunity to practice other sports at high altitudes, taking advantage of the best equipped and modern facilities.

Also known as, "The little Tibet" for its particular temperature that would remain cold as the Asian high peaks during the winter, Livigno is one of the must-see for snow lovers. Its peculiarity is that it offers not only exciting ski runs for fans of this sport but it’s also to offer a wide and exciting range of other activities at high altitude.

In Livigno you won’t find just snow!

At the border between Switzerland and Lower Engadine, Livigno is located in Alta Valtellina and embraces the title of the second highest village in Italy. Skiing in this area is a fascinating experience: the low temperatures are stable during the winter season and can reach -25 degrees, but during the day, the slopes are heated by the sun making this way the sport highly enjoyable. The tracks start from 1800 and go up to 3000 meters and there is a variety of runs for all levels: 12 black runs, 37 red and 29 blue as well as - available for the connoisseurs - the thrilling track dedicated to Giorgio Rocca.
But Livigno is not only a skiing destination: families and beginners will be able to refine their technique in many fun areas there, the more daring can have fun aboard a Fat Bike, special bike that allows riding on the snow, or snowshoeing together with a group of friends while discovering the virgin nature of these places.

Feeling home

Livigno is not famous only for skiing. In this Alpine resort, you will find a real "shopping mall" immersed in the beauty of its natural landscape. In addition, the town is famous for its warm hospitality, the family-welcome in addition to the many services offered.

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