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Bormio in Italian Alps

Bormio Events Alpine skiing and Deguski

Alpine skiing and Deguski: 6 stages to savour up a 600-metre slope.
Organised by the "Friends of Valdisotto Sport", the event that has now reached its 6th edition is dedicated to hikers and Alpine skiers and takes place on the slopes of the Cima Piazzi San Colombiano ski resort. The highest enogastronomic tour in Italy, it is the perfect union of nature, gastronomy and sport.
Given its easy nature, the route is accessible to all. The starting point is at 1,550 metres above sea level and it finishes at 2,155 metres above sea level, involving a climb of around 600 metres and an overall distance of 8 km.
The novelty of this year's edition will be the Deguski photography competition, in which participation is completely free. It goes without saying that photographs taken solely and exclusively at the various stages during the event will be accepted. One photo can be entered per person.

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