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The Piccolo San Bernardo Hill: real emotions

The Piccolo San Bernardo Hill is an undiscovered jewel with the track number 7 in La Thuile, which is one of the longest in Italy.

Located in the Graie Alps between Italy and France, the Hill has an ancient history whose signs are still clearly visible: the oldest find is a big, stone circle dating back to the Neolithic time. Hannibal may have used the hill as a passage in 218 BC. Also around year 1000, San Bernardo di Mentone, today patron saint of mountaineers, founded a hospice that bears its name.
It was one of the abbots who began planting an alpine botanic garden, which is still opened to visitors. The Alpine Garden Chanousia, located at 2,170 meters, houses a wide variety of alpine plants in 8000 m₂.
The ski area known as the Espace San Bernardo allows you to ski on the border between Italy and France in the municipalities of La Rosiere and La Thuile for a total of 3000 hectares and 160 km of tracks, assisted by 38 mechanic ski lifts.
It is an ideal place for hiking and uphill walking to the summit of Lancebranlette, which offers a panoramic view of Mont Blanc.

The tracks

Modern and upscale, the slopes of Piccolo San Bernardo ski area will make you fall in love. There are 80 tracks for a total of 160 kilometers, except other 20 kilometers dedicated to cross-country skiing.
In 2016, they will also be the scenery of some important races such as the World Cup of Alpine Skiing, Downhill and Super-G.
The most popular track is number 7, the so-called San Bernardo track, which starts from 2570 meters and arrives to 1470 meters, with a maximum gradient of 41%. It is a red slope, skiable throughout the season thanks to the ability of shooting artificial snow. It is unique and excitingly long of 11 kilometers, for a truly breathtaking experience.

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