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Snow covered mountains in Val di Susa, Piedmont

The best snow activities in Claviere

Claviere is a small village located just under 100km from Turin, in the High Susa Valley area.
A resort nestled on the Col de Montgenèvre, which has been a crucial position since Roman times, given its proximity to the Italian-French border.

At an altitude of 1760 metres, the Alpine station of Claviere is a highly recognised destination among lovers of the mountains, and reached the peak of its popularity in 2006, when it became an Olympic town.

But what are the main activities of this resort?

1.Alpine skiing and snowboarding: The slopes dedicated to these two disciplines are multiple and vary according to level: 17 reds for the most technical downhill racers, 6 blacks for experts and 10 blues of varying difficulty for amateur skiers. In total there are 300km of trails set within one of the most beautiful and biggest areas of the Alps: the Via Lattea. Among the most exciting descents are the Serra Granet-La Coche, the Gimont and the Col Boeuf, which give the possibility of an extremely natural experience on the snow, among woods, rocky crevasses and majestic peaks.

2.Cross-country skiing: Claviere boasts three circuits for cross-country skiing, characterised by increasing difficulty and covering a good 10km. The most popular of these leads into France offering truly captivating panoramic vistas.

3.Snowshoe tours: The district offers numerous possibilities for excursions that, during winter, allow you to explore the surrounding area completely immersed in nature, with snowshoes. The woods, the silence, encounters with the wild animals of the area, such as chamois or hares, render this a truly unique experience.

4.Ice skating and sledding: Among the many activities that can be enjoyed in Claviere during the coldest months, there is also the possibility of skating on ice, on a large open-air slope, and sledding, on a dedicated slope, to entertain children and to take adults back to their childhood for a few hours.

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