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skiing safety for children

Skiing for your children: how to enjoy sport in complete safety

Skiing, for your children can be an important educational and fun experience: combining sport, play and the opportunity to enjoy the entire day outdoors and especially in the snow.

Starting to ski when they are little is definitely the best way to make sure they learn the technique pleasantly and without particular effort. Special attention must be paid on safety which, in the case of children, is often undermined by the enthusiasm and impetuousness of their tender age and a lack of the right equipment.

Helmet, goggles, protection devices...everything you need for carefree skiing!

The first accessory for skiing safety for your children is certainly a helmet. There are two main types: the shell, or full-face helmet, which can also protect the sides of the head with a very hard shell, and the half shell, which covers the ears and sides of the head with only padding and therefore allows better aeration.
When choosing, it is important to consider how the helmet will be worn, not too loose nor too tight, and the certification that indicates compliance with the EC-EN 1077 rules of construction regarding safety.
Two other accessories increasingly used in recent years are the defense back, to protect your back from knocks and falls, and the wrist guard: they may seem uncomfortable, but both are totally ergonomic.
Finally, to protect your children’s eyes when skiing, good ski goggles are essential. These are designed according to weather conditions: for sun, rain, snow and fog. If you want all-round eye protection, photochromic goggles are best.

Safety also means adopting the right behaviour … on and off the slopes!

The best equipment in the world will not suffice if your children do not learn to know and respect the rules governing skiing and mountains.
This is when it becomes essential to educate them on the importance of mastering speed, reading the signs, understanding overtaking, using the crossings and stopping on the slopes.

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