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learning to ski is possible at any age

How to ski: tips for a first contact with the snow

Want to learn to ski but don’t know where to start? Want your children to start on the snow? Skiing is a sport with a certain complexity which you can start any age, gaining great satisfaction.

Skiing is one of those physical activities that may apparently seem simple, especially for those who are inexperienced. "What does it take to descend a slope on two pieces of metal?" many say before actually trying their hand. However, underestimating the difficulty of this sport is one of the biggest mistakes you can make: this is why it is absolutely not recommended to try to learn everything by ourselves, but it is always advisable to rely on an instructor or at least some friend who is not only competent but also very patient.

The first slips

Learning to ski for kids is definitely easier: in childhood, in fact, risks and fears are not taken into account and it is all seen as a game. Falling, getting up, falling again does not kill the fun, in fact, it often increases it. Entering your children in a ski school also allows them to try out this new experience with others of their own age, further simplifying the learning process.
For adults, on the other hand, the first approach to skiing should be through good initial athletic preparation, to avoid muscle pain after the first attempt, which could discourage some from carrying on.
Moreover, the fear of getting hurt often takes over, leading to mistakes which would otherwise be easy to avoid: this is why it is always important to start by buying the right protection devices.

Equipment and slopes

When you learn to ski it is often tempting to opt immediately for professional equipment, based on the association of mind "pro-quality". But this is not entirely correct: there are skis and boots for beginners of the highest standard, designed specifically to facilitate your first experiences on the snow.
It is also appropriate to start, regardless of age, on the baby slopes. Many ski schools do not even let you take the ski lift for beginners for the first lessons, but ask beginners to take their equipment on their backs to the top of the slope (usually no more than 200-500 meters) to stimulate commitment.

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