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The best ski equipment: guidance on your choice

Choosing the best ski equipment, when purchasing or renting for a couple of days or a whole season, is never easy. The imperative is always to opt for equipment on the basis of our ability and economic means.

In recent years the models of skis, boots, helmets and everything you need for skiing, have multiplied: so it becomes increasingly more difficult to make an optimum choice. By brand? By level? By price? By type of snow? Here is a small guide that will allow you to always focus on the best equipment.


The main factor to consider is the Flex, which is the number that indicates the elasticity of the boot. This can be soft (low flex) and suitable for beginners and amateur skiers or hard (high flex), perfect for experts and sports enthusiasts.
The second piece of advice is to try the boot and keep it on for 10 minutes, after putting on the thick socks that you will use when you go skiing. Relying on size alone to choose the best equipment can in fact be very risky! The basic rule is the one that claims that with straight legs you should just touch the tip of the boot, with legs bent the tip should in no way be touched.


The three factors to consider when choosing a pair of skis are your technical level, the type of use and physical characteristics.
If you are a beginner the best skis for you will be simple to use, and will accompany your every descent with ease. If your level is intermediate, better focus on performance equipment which is extremely comfortable. Finally, if skiing for you has no secrets, the ideal model will be extremely exclusive.
The type of use concerns the difficulty of the slopes and the snow conditions you'll face. If you are someone who takes on every slope, you will need to consider short, narrow skis to ensure better responsiveness. If you are an amateur sportsman who simply loves to ski, whatever the condition of the slopes, you can focus on medium width skis with a fairly long spatula to optimise holding.
If the expression "fresh snow" lights up your eyes, the right skis will be wider and longer, to give you the best possible stability.

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