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snowboard hire on skib

Affordable snowboard. Hire on Skib!

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Matteo Corradi
Oct 16, 2015

Do you love snowboarding but do not own all or a part of the equipment? On skib you can hire at a convenient price!

If you want to move on the slopes in full freedom, and don’t want to have the thought of transporting the equipment, or simply if you don’t have everything you need for a day on the snowboard, Skib is the your ideal solution: here you can hire everything you need at incredible low prices!

Beginners but ..with style!

First time on a snowboard and you're still not sure whether to purchase one, or you’re confused about the right equipment for you. Hiring the board may be a good compromise, especially for the novice snowboarders. Yes, because hiring has never been easier: you can book your snowboard online, and easily collect it at the most convenient ski resort for you. Skib guarantees hiring the best equipment for adults, teens and children, at an unbeatable price!

Freedom for the experts

Snow has no more secrets for you. You are able to juggle in back flip and ollie, and furrow the slopes in complete safety. The right snowboard for you should be in line with your level and should reflect your style. Often, though, the best equipment is also the most expensive one, and the expense sometimes isn’t easily sustainable. Whether you have in mind only a few weekends or a week of snow white, on Skib you can hire snowboards of the highest level at really cheap rates.
Furthermore, hiring the board might be a good solution if the ski resorts are very far from your home. Thanks to our service, from now on, you can venture on the most spectacular slopes without any thoughts: you think about having fun, we'll do the rest!

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