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ski and spa: the perfect vacation

Ski and spa: a vacation of total fun and relaxation

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Matteo Corradi
Jan 14, 2016

A healthy vacation that combines a passion such as skiing at the spa, for a totally relaxing experience.

"Take good care of your body, is the only place where you live," is a famous phrase of the entrepreneur philosopher Jim Rohn. We are all aware, but often the hectic pace we are used to, leads us to forget how important it is to take time for ourselves.
If you are looking for an idea to warm your winter and gift yourself a real charge of energy we recommend choosing one of the structures that increasingly combine virgin landscapes and extraordinary ski plants with perfectly equipped spa areas. This way you can relax after a sportive day and go back fully regenerated to your everyday life.

The spa treatments

There are so many possibilities that a spa at high altitude can offer: from the classic sauna, tropical shower, with jets of hot water that can match the chromotherapy , heated swimming pools, Turkish bath, massage parlors in which you can experience the ancient techniques such as shiatsu, ayurvedic massage, stone therapy, a special treatment with hot stones. Then muds, hay baths, and cosmetic treatments with specific products, made by experts of the same spas with local raw materials.
The air and water on the mountain are pristine, that’s why in these structures is enhanced this experience of well-being and body care.

A vacation for everyone

The other big advantage of a stay combining sport and relaxation is that if not everyone in the family loves the snowy slopes, they can still enjoy an exciting vacation!
How often does it happen? You can take a short break, you can’t wait to fasten your boots and fly on the snow and your best friend, your husband, your sister wouldn’t get off the couch.
Here is the winning idea ... in the evening we all meet by the fireplace to share a special dinner prepared by a high-level chef, because well- being goes through food and often these facilities offer tasty experiences.

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