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Equipment hire, the smart choice

Ski equipment hire: savings and convenience

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Matteo Corradi
Mar 3, 2016

Have you ever thought about how comfortable would be hiring your mountain equipment?

Many like to ski ... spend time in the mountains, lulled by the white snow, have fun descending the most exhilarating ski slopes. Northern Italy, Switzerland and France offer some of the most beautiful ski areas in the world, equipped with modern ski lifts, ski schools, many services and entertainment for holidays filled with sports and nature.
But snow sports have some defects: buying the best and safer equipment is often very expensive, and packing and carrying them up and down can be really uncomfortable.
The equipment hire is an ideal solution ...for everyone! Because it allows you to always have the most modern, safe equipment and right for your level! And most importantly ... ready, waiting for you on the place you’ve chosen for your holidays!
Equipment hire is the ideal solution for everyone but especially for beginners ... do you really want to spend a lot of money and then leave your equipment to get rusty in the basement?

Equipment hire on Skib, how does it work?

Equipment hire on the Skib site is really easy. All you have to do is turn on your computer, choose the place where you will spend your holidays, dates and so on...
Upon your arrival on the ski slopes, you'll find your equipment, all ready to be used. Skis, sticks, boots, snowboards boots, helmets ... and even the camera! Choose what you want and of what level. And the prices are clear and are really among the lowest on the web!
Skib is present in many ski resorts of Italy, France and Switzerland. The site is very user friendly and with great ease and a few clicks, you will find all the equipment you need, in the place where you want it!
Equipment hire is the best way to enjoy the snow while relaxing!

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