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Ski slopes in Solda

Everyone to Solda: from early December, it awakens.

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Matteo Corradi
Dec 1, 2017

Everyone to Solda: from early December, it awakens.

on 1 December 2017 Solda is expected to open the ski lifts for the 2017-2018 ski season.
Solda is a small mountain village in Val Venosta, in the province of Bolzano. 1,906 meters above sea level.

The resort, well-known as a tourist resort in both Summer and Winter, is located at the foot of the magnificent, high summits of the massive Ortles-Cevadale mountain range, where you can find the Solda cable car, the Seggiovia dell'Orso and the Seggiovia Pulpito. The cable car is one of the largest in the world, it offers maximum comfort and can carry up to 440 people (4 110-seat cabins).

Solda is paradise for those who love mountains and winter sports. Due to to its position and altitude, sun and snow are guaranteed for six months a year, in fact, despite the current climatic conditions from the 1st of December we can don our snow boots.

The skiing area offers 44 km of slopes, an amusement park with a half pipe and a snowboard cross; skiing enthusiasts will find some of the best alpine routes among its high peaks.

Solda and its mountainous nature was chosen by the famous mountaineer Messner as the alpine base and home to one of the Messner Mountain Museums. The museum's main theme is ice.

The great tourist influx in Solda has not affected local folk traditions, which have remained alive over the years. One example is the Klasen party, which takes place every year between the 5th and 6th of December in the major villages. Klasen, Saint Nicholas, brings Christmas gifts to children; costumes are colourful, poetic and appealing. Saint Nicholas leads the parade, and is followed by groups of demons, the Krampus, who play and fight jokingly to the sound of bells throughout the country. At the end of the fight, gifts and sweets are given out to children.

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