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Ski hire in Courmayeur, on Skib

Skiing in Courmayeur: comfort with the ski hire!

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Matteo Corradi
Feb 16, 2016

Courmayeur, in Val D'Aosta, the country where it stands the majestic Mont Blanc, is a special place to spend a winter holiday, with your hired skis!

Yeah, Mont Blanc could be enough of a reason to choose Courmayeur: 4808 meters, called "the roof of the Alps" being its highest peak, perpetually snowy, it is an extraordinary spectacle of nature.
Over 100 miles of slopes, a paradise in the sight of the immense mountains, for a binge of snow sports that will leave you breathless.
To safely have fun on the slopes, or to try new things and without spending a fortune, why not try the online equipment rental? A fast method, convenient, economical and above all safe to always have on your feet the latest equipment, stress-free!

Courmayeur: what to do?

First of all, the Alpine skiing: 10 blue slopes, 17 red and four black ones, to suit everyone’s taste and needs, between snow and sun! It starts from 2,624 meters of Youla ridge and goes all the way down to 1,200 meters in the middle of a breathtaking scenery and stunning slopes.
It is also amazing the off-piste. On Arp Vieille or on Arp Dolonne, between fabulous woods and scenarios, in absolute candor, in complete safety and freedom.
A few years ago, it was opened at 2000 meters a modern adrenaline snow park for snowboarders, whether experienced or beginners, there is something for everyone!
Are you looking for an extraordinary experience? In Courmayeur, you can practice heli-skiing! On board of a helicopter you go up towards the immaculate peaks. You land on Mont Fortin or Pyramides Calcaires, and by following the guide, you take off towards breathtaking descents.
Just by reading ... you can’t wait to leave. Hire your equipment online on Skib, and you’ll find ready to use o the slopes in Courmayeur! Buckle your ski boots and ... go!

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