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Skier on the Aosta Valley slopes

The Aosta Valley and the Emporio Armani Ski Contest

The Aosta Valley is a true skiing paradise: high altitude areas, perfectly snow-covered peaks 6 months a year, kilometres of trails for every type of skier, and accommodation of the highest standard. All of this enables the region to be deemed one of the most popular destinations in Italy by mountain enthusiasts!

The major resorts in the area are also famous for their role in national and international events of great importance, both in the world of sports and beyond.

Among these resorts is Pila, a town at 1790 metres above sea level, directly connected to Aosta by cable, which is appreciated for both its strategic location and panoramic views. The reference area offers 70km of slopes ranging up to 2750 metres which, dipping into a valley, are protected from the wind and have a pleasant climate, even in areas not covered by the sun.

There are two main events being held in this Alpine resort, sponsored by the famous brand EA7 Emporio Armani: the Ski School Contest, which was held at Cervinia last year and in which we will see all the Aosta Valley ski instructors compete with each other, and the magnificent Parallel, which will be taking place in Gorraz.

Both events will enjoy the publicity of the well-known Italian brand that has dominated in the winter clothing sector for years, and is the official outfitter of the instructors working in the region’s resorts.

However, the days dedicated to the events are not fully focused on the sport: there are many related activities that tourists will be able to enjoy throughout the weekend, and then relax at the hotel or in a wellness centre in the evening, before taking advantage of an array of nightlife and entertainment to suit all tastes and all ages, created especially for the occasion.

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