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Baby Ski: when to start

When it comes to have your children start skiing, the raised question is: when? At what age are they ready to learn? The baby ski is increasingly popular but you need to know some basic information in order to choose the right time to take your children towards this wonderful sport.

As with all the disciplines, for skiing as well, it’s better to get started since childhood. That's why the term "baby ski" was invented. When your child reaches three years, he will probably be ready to face this new challenge. In fact, initially, he will just "slide", will become familiar with the equipment and remove any fear of snow, which from then on will be associated with fun.

Why at 3 years old

The three years are, in fact, a quite variable parameter: there are children who try to ski with excellent results even at 2 years old, and others who discover their confidence in this world, only at four or five. This is due to different variables that come into play. First of all the balance: to face the first slides is essential that your child feels stable (low center of gravity at that age often helps) so it is important that it is past a certain period since he began to walk independently and without problems (an event that usually occurs between 12 and 18 months).
The advantages of approaching this sport since childhood are many: skiing develops the neuromotor agility and coordination, but it also helps you learn to trust yourself and the fact that the baby can breathe good mountain air.

Alone or with a school

Often the baby ski is offered to their children from parents who are already fans of this discipline and mountain lovers.
If you are a capable skier, then you can definitely help your children on their first slides, explain them how the equipment works and reassure them after the first falls.
However, experts say, that bringing a child towards skiing is easier in the context of a skiing school: here, thanks to a teacher and other students, they can learn in an easier and lighter way, not forgetting that, there should always be commitment and perseverance.

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